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The United Chans is an interchan organization with the purpose of bettering relations between chan imageboards. We currently have four members, GETchan, /leftypol/, Lupchan, and Ponychan. We also have information on six former members, Dubschan, efchan, Equestriachan, Funchan, MLPchan, and Oniichan. Users of these chans are welcome to add any missing information regarding their chans. However, please keep all information neutral and relevant to the United Chans. This means that any chan that is not a member of the United Chans is not to receive a page.


A chan is a form of imageboard/textboard that uses Futaba-styled boards. There are multiple different softwares that can be used to create chans, such as KusabaX, Wakaba, Tinyboard, Fullaby, Gochan, Lynxchan, and vichan. While most boards are general-themed, there are some boards that specialize in specific topics. Likewise, while most chans are anonymous and discussion-oriented, there are some community-oriented boards where having an identity is considered normal. While most chans are completely different from each other, they share a special bond that is impossible to maintain with other sites, or even other types of imageboards. The goal of the United Chans is to strengthen this bond.

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