USSC-8chan Conflict


The flags of 8chan and the USSC crossed.

Date 8 April, 2015 - 11 April, 2015
Location The USSC and 8chan
Result Status quo ante bellum
  • /GET/ is raided after raids directed at /sp/ and /pol/
  • Outside forces are claimed to be behind the raids
  • 8chan and the USSC join forces
  • The conflict fades out of relevance as no further actions are taken

USSC Forces
USSCflag.png USSC

8chan Forces
8chanflag.png 8chan

  • /pol/
  • /sp/
  • /baphomet/

Outside Forces
Unknownflag.png Unknown

  • Salogo.png SA (?)
  • Ayyteam (?)
  • /int/ (?)

550 users

3,500 users


Casualties and losses

Animu threads



The USSC-8chan conflict is was a clash that initially began between the USSC and users on 8chan's /pol/ and /sp/ boards. The conflict came to be when /pol/ users discovered a thread on /GET/ that seemed to be by a /leftypol/ user dedicated to joining a raid against /pol/. However, logs on /int/ indicate that /int/ really just trying to get /pol/ and /leftypol/ to attack each other for the lulz. Even though most fa/GET/s wanted nothing to do with it, /pol/ went ahead and raided /GET/ anyways. After many hours of raiding, the boards came to the conclusion that an outside force was responsible for the original raids on /sp/ and /pol/. The conflict ended inconclusively with no firm evidence of who the outside force was. With conflicting ideas on what steps to take, interest began to fade and plans for a counterraid were never realized.

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