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Second Exodus of /leftypol/

300 px The declarations made by the /leftypol/ moderation after space_ revealed that he knew about the conspiracy.

Date 21 December, 2020 – 1 May, 2021
Location Bunkerchan and Matrix chatrooms
Result Member Chans Victory
  • /leftypol/ established as an independent chan on 21 December on leftypol.org
  • Split of the community and a significant net loss of users.
  • End of space_'s regime and end of bunkerchan.xyz
  • Start of d011ars's regime and the new bunkerchan.net
  • GETChan's expulsion from bunkerchan and formal independence and reunion on Getchan.net
  • Member chans faction victory with the redirection of Bunkerchan to leftypol.org

Coup Perpetrators
Space Bunkerchanflag.png Spaceist Junta (Pyongyang–Bkeys Clique)

Member Chans
Leftypolflag.svg /leftypol/
Getchanflag.svg GETchan

Commanders and leaders

Space Bunkerchanflag.png Space_
Space Bunkerchanflag.png D011ars
Space Bunkerchanflag.png Pyongyang and his lackeys (alleged involvement)
Space Bunkerchanflag.png Bexgia (d011ars's most active recruited volunteer, notable incel)

Leftypolflag.svg leftypol moderation (also known as the janny vanguard, or the Jannguard)
Getchanflag.svg Getchan's ambassador and admin Zeke Roa

  • Complete control over Bunkerchan's server, site, and domain
  • Minor scattered support from throughout the userbase
  • Nazbols and anti-janny agitators
  • Previous admins of bunkerchan and full time members of leftypol volunteer team (comrade_rat, and comatoast)
  • /leftypol/'s entire volunteer team (except d011ars)
  • The majority of the /leftypol/, Getchan, and Bunkerchan userbases
  • oldBO aka Che
  • GentleGinjeet
Casualties and losses
  • Around half of the collective userbase
  • Bunkerchan.xyz
  • Space_'s twitter account
  • Several mods lost during the exodus
  • Several days of posts lost due to the nuking of Bunkerchan
  • Loss of favourability of leftypol mods among a portion of the userbase
  • The leftism of bunkerchan.
  • The united community of leftists chans on bunkerchan.
  • Bunkerchan itself

The Second Exodus of /leftypol/ was the culmination of the Internal conflict on Bunkerchan for the /leftypol/ community, which involved the expulsion of the leftypol mod team, the establishment of a new site under the previous moderation, the splitting of the community and loss of members, the closure of Bunkerchan to be replaced by a clone owned by d011ars, and a devastating blow to the communities cohesion and morale. The conflict has ended in favor of the /leftypol/ community as Bunkerchan was redirected to the new /leftypol/ site.

Bunkerchan was officially the back upsite in case anything happened to 8chan. After the shutdown of 8chan, leftypol's community and moderation moved to Bunkerchan and essentially ran the day-to-day since then. However, shortly after the migrating to Bunkerchan, tensions started to build, one of the highest points of contention was the ability to gain server access. Space_'s server administration was poor and sporadic, allowing frequent prolonged site outages, and infrequent code updates. This friction and discontent made the /leftypol/ team conspire to build a backup board in secret. Somehow, the existence of the site and the secret chat got into Space_'s hands. In the next days, the moderation team and GETchan's entire moderation team, despite not being directly involved, was expelled from the site's moderation. d011ars, a moderator who had barely been present since the 8chan exodus, got wind of the situation and used his familiarity with Space_ to gain full control of the site, including server access, despite d011ars having next to no server administration or coding knowledge. After this, Bunkerchan developed the nickname of "scabchan", referencing the fact that the moderation team stuck together against Space_, except d011ars, who was then awarded control of the site.

The /leftypol/ team set up a site in the next few days, and in the following weeks, worked tirelessly to reach an acceptable feature parity with Bunkerchan. This caused a split in the community, where some users stayed on Bunkerchan (frequently citing higher post per hour), others on the new site, and another large segment simply stopped visiting either site. Since d011ars had not been an active moderator on Bunkerchan, he was not familiar with the moderator tools, nor did he have experience moderating a userbase of that size. D011ars incompetence and laissez-faire moderation started negatively impacting the quality of posts, coupled with a notable increase in pseudo-leftist reactionaries (nazbols) being allowed to post. This situation provoked a subset of /leftypol/ volunteers that still had access to moderator tools on Bunkerchan, to conspire to delete all content in an attempt to force the migration and end the division of the community. This controversial event, known as "the nuke" or "The Nuking of Bunkerchan" deleted every single post on the site with the exception of a message of defacement signed by Comrade Watermelon. Space_ was forced to restore a backup of the site that was weeks old. The backup and the restoration was not properly done. Bunkerchan started to experience a series of errors which made it earn the name 500chan (among other names), because users frequently experienced site outages, 500 error codes, and missing files. The userbase had mixed reactions to the nuking of Bunkerchan. Those that had stayed mainly on Bunkerchan believed the deletion of the site's content was unjustified, while those that mainly used leftypol.org saw it as necessary and even as the correct leftist action.

Facing enormous criticism and a need to be constantly attending the site's problems, space_ eventually decided to close bunkerchan for good. The domain was set to redirect to a new site owned and managed primarily by d011ars. After several failed attempts, eventually the d011ars owned site came online. It featured the entire database of the previous bunkerchan and was functionally identical, besides running an updated version of lynxchan and the homepage was edited from "Site ran by space_" to "Site ran by d011ars". The deteroration of Bunkerchan continued after this, and the damage made to the community, in both raw numbers and morale, has not yet healed. The last leftist posters of Bunkerchan reluctantly joined the new site, but activity remains significantly slower than before the split.

In April 2021, it was revealed by d011ars that he had a plan to revive Bbunkerchan through means which were initially unknown, leading to much speculation. Shortly after this, d011ars came out with an offer to redirect Bunkerchan to leftypol.org if his demands including the addition of himself to the leftypol.org moderation team were accepted. His plan was revealed to be the release of an article published by Foreign Policy about Bunkerchan, which he planned to use as leverage for this offer. Negotiations were later opened. As negotiations proceeded, another Bunkerchan moderator who was previously added as a leftypol.org mod was given control of the Bunkerchan domain by d011ars to ensure that it remained in neutral hands. Following the domain transfer, the leftypol.org side repeatedly insisted that d011ars should concede and step down as a moderator. However d011ars refused this every time, insisting that he should be a moderator in the reunified site, leading to a breakdown in negotiations. Due to this, the moderator who was given control of Bunkerchan was contacted by leftypol.org team, and this moderator proceeded to redirect Bunkerchan to leftypol.org on May 1st 2021. This finally brought an end to the internal conflict on Bunkerchan along with Bunkerchan itself.

Editor Note

This page is still under construction. For now, the skeleton is set by the message that was posted on leftypol.org regarding what happened. It is missing a lot of details, and screenshots. Also relevant, if you see "cia.gov" that was a wordfilter of leftypol.org made by d011ars on Bunkerchan.

As part of the page construction, the various post transcripts which make up the entirety of the article below this note will be reedited into the format of an actual article.


To briefly outline the problems that we have been having, they most importantly concern access to the server side of the side. At present, nobody other than Space has ultimate control over the site and Space is still required to approve any serious code changes (IE ones other than those that can be made by site staff). This is a relatively normal state of affairs of course, but the problem is that Space is not always available when we need him and has intermittent periods of what I can only call disinterest in the site.

Often, it has been difficult to get him to approve simple fixes to the site which are urgently needed to keep it running or else bring it back when it does break. Many of the technical issues (not all, but some) that we have had to deal with since the migration of /leftypol/ to Bunkerchan have been due to Space not taking the time to implement fixes which have been suggested by our tech team. When the changes do not directly affect the stability of the site, it is often even harder to get Space’s attention.

For example, Space’s approval was needed to make changes to the board headers to add new boards which has led to long delays in adding new boards to the topbar, and other changes. Often, when we the mod team have seemed to dally in adding new features it is because of the difficulty with getting approval for changes. This can often take weeks, which sadly makes us look unreliable and hampers our flexibility as a board.

The clear solution to this issue was for Space to share his server access with the highest members of our technical staff so that they could push through changes themselves. For months, Space promised to do so but would never deliver, or would add on unreasonable demands to his original agreement. For example, when Comrade King, former admin of /GETchan/, agreed to merge his site with Bunkerchan, it was agreed that Space would give him server access, but this was never done. Later on Space demanded that King share a scan of his driver’s licence as ‘verification’ which he found unacceptable. The tension between /GET/’s staff and Space has contributed to their decision to try to once again leave the site, unfortunately.

In addition, Space agreed to give server access to Comrade_Rat who has been the main technical contributor on our staff and is someone Space knows personally. Rat was part of the Bunkerchan staff before /leftypol/ moved to the site in the wake of 8chan’s demise. Due to Rat’s presence and willingness to work with us since the migration we would have been happy with this, but as stated, Space stonewalled this and promised it would be done while never doing so. I (Caballo) eventually personally pressed Space on this matter as can be seen in the attached screenshots but he refused to back down.

One of the key issues regarding server access was our dissatisfaction with our board’s software, Lynxchan. This software is difficult in many ways and our technical staff ultimately decided that it would be better to switch to new board software rather than try to fix something they felt was fundamentally an inferior option. Many of the peculiar issues of the site which we have been asked to fix have been caused by Lynxchan’s deficiencies. To that end, our technical staff have been working on custom software, Gochan, but in the interim, we wanted to switch to the more established Lainchan software. However, this process would be realistically impossible to complete without server access.

As a side issue, Space used his status as site owner to override our decisions about the site, telling us what we could and could not do and ignoring our own voting when he disagreed. Of particular concern was the question of funding the site and of monetisation. We of course recognised that Space was bearing the financial burden of hosting the site, and we are still grateful for him doing so, but our suggestions for collecting donations in an organised manner to make the ownership of the site more ‘community based’ or democratic were brushed off.

The Conspiracy

Eventually, we decided that we had no other option than to create a backup plan as trust in Space had dropped so low. We felt that we could not continue to put in so much work when our efforts were undone by Space’s inaction. At the time we embarked on this plan, it was common to not be able to talk to Space for weeks at a time. We knew that ultimately Space could not be forced to hand over control of the site to anyone, so we endeavoured to make our own site which we had control over, both as a contingency plan in case we were removed from moderating /leftypol/ by Space, and as a bargaining chip to show Space that we were serious about our demands.

This site will be hosted at leftypol.org , a domain which was given to us by the former owner of the /leftypol/ splinter site at that address. Our technical staff have worked hard to enable us to import the content of bunkerchan.xyz to that site at the moment of our potential departure, so that our board’s topics and discussions are not lost as was the case when 8chan closed. In effect, we have set up a contingency so that our tenure as the mod team of /leftypol/, and the experience of the users of /leftypol/ and related boards, can continue without much disruption. We have also changed the board software to Lainchan to enable a smoother experience for the users.

It took us months to set up this site, during which time we hid it from Space, as we feared his potential reaction. We knew that Space could, if he so chose, remove us as moderators of /leftypol/ and install others, which we felt would be potentially ruinous. That sounds a bit egocentric, I admit, but the drama involving the rogue admin Pyongyang, who Space initially supported over all of us, convinced us that if we were removed, /leftypol/ would likely be taken in an ideological direction we would find unacceptable.

To emphasise, Pyongyang was not merely part of a different leftist sect, as our mod team comprises a wide range of tendencies, but was arguably a full blown reactionary that reverted our actions in secret while creating a /troon/ board that was set to become a haven for idpol and stupidpol-esque rhetoric. Pyongyang eventually stepped down on his own when it became clear that he was not enjoying the support of the users, with Space refusing to take action to remove him.

During these last months we have run the site as usual and attempted to hide the tension between us and Space (though it has been noticed occasionally by some users). In the past month or so, Space has become more involved with the site for personal reasons, which we viewed as a welcome development. We always hoped that we would eventually we able to reason with Space and convince him to hand over access to the site to us, and it made solving routine issues much easier for him to be involved. That said, we continued work on the backup site.

The Split

Recently, Space was approached by a person on Twitter who asked if he could be given ownership over the hidden board, /dead/. Space agreed to this without consulting us, which we viewed as an overreach. While it is true that /dead/ was on the site before /leftypol/ was, we the /leftypol/ mods have taken over 95% of the day to day running of the site in the time since migration. The vast majority of activity on Bunkerchan has taken place in the relatively short time since we have moved here.

To make a long story short, our opposition made Space suspicious and led to him discovering the existence of our conspiracy. Space had arranged a closed meeting between the admins of the site, and was stonewalling communications with us. This led to a group of the moderators deciding to make the split public with the original version of this post. We originally predicted that following this meeting there was a possibility that the board could be taken out of our hands and given to outside actors, which turned out to be the case. Space was not interested in negotiation and demanded the removal of four mods who had been involved in the conspiracy including an admin. In addition, he would only give server access to a ‘loyalist’ admin who was rarely involved with /leftypol/ since the migration.

Comrade Rat's message after space_ asked him to single out those responsible for the conspiracy. He also explains how space_'s reaction to the conspiracy was evidence about why the conspiracy was needed in the first place.

We, the moderators of /leftypol/, decided we would not be divided and conquered by Space and stood together in solidarity. Therefore, Space removed around 20 moderators who were members of the conspiracy, along with a few new mods who were not aware of it. Therefore, we have decided to continue our tenure at leftypol.org and we hope that you will join us on this journey, though it will ultimately be up to you. This was not the outcome that anyone wanted and it is not the one that we wanted. This site is not ready for use in many ways and we are aware of its current limitations, but our hand was forced by an infiltrator revealing the full extent of our planning to Space. Perhaps there will be some reconciliation in future but at present we have to assume that will not happen.

Settling in

Our first priority will be to bring this site up to feature parity with bunkerchan and to make the user experience similar. We still have a long way to go in this respect and we are aware of the many missing features and conveniences that have not been carried over. The technical team is working hard to improve the site as quickly as they can while the other mods work on non-coding tasks. Eventually we will try to surpass bunkerchan by adding features which have been requested for many months.

Secondly, we will determine the status of /GET/ and /ref/. Their administration is currently convening to decide whether they will remain on Bunkerchan, move to this board, or move to their own bunker at GETchan.net. They have unfortunately been suffering their own split which is partly attributable to the situation on Bunkerchan, and we hope it will come to an amicable conclusion for everyone. We wish the /GET/ community success wherever they choose to reside.

Thirdly, we want to create a more open and community-centred style of moderation and decision making. We will host a public monthly discussion with each other and the userbase where we discuss the running of the board, what is working well and what might not be, changes we wish to see, new priorities and plans, and so on. The first of these should happen soon so that we can gather feedback about the current situation.

Fourth, we need to consider our current situation and what we could do differently in the future. As I outlined above, this outcome was not what anyone wanted and we need to try to make more harmonious decisions in future. We should never allow ourselves to be put into the situation which occurred on Bunkerchan again, where we are at the mercy of one person. To that end, we are going to explore the best ways to share power and responsibility among the administration/moderation team and perhaps even the users as we experiment with direct democracy.

Fifth, we will try to explore ways to end the current split. We know it is not a positive development and we understand that it hurts our community. To this end, we will attempt to retain positive relations with Bunkerchan as part of a unified webring, and examine possible diplomatic solutions to the split. We are open to a reconciliation but of course there are terms that we would expect to be met and of course Space and the new administration of Bunkerchan is likely to have their own conditions. For now, we have both agreed to leave a sticky advertising each other’s boards in our respective /leftypol/s.

Finally, we will update our manifesto and rules to reflect the new situation. This will be a relatively simple but time consuming effort and is not a priority. For now we would ask users to simply use their common sense, rules that refer to ‘bunkerchan’ should be read as applying to ‘leftypol.org’, and so on.

The nuking of Bunkerchan

Notes on the nuking

First as tragedy, Bunkerchan's death

New site announcement

On the 11th of January 2021, d011ars made an announcement that a new site would be developed, that bunkerchan.xyz would shut down, and that space_ will no longer be part of the picture. This turned out to false, since space_ continued working on d011ars' site after bunkerchan.xyz shut down.


"So here is the plan going forward. Since Space no longer wants to run a site, we're going to be creating a new one. Bunkerchan will redirect to this site.

"I will also be creating a patreon and/or donation button. This will not be going towards server or domain costs, I'm paying those out of pocket for now. Rather, they will be used to pay whoever is managing the web development and system administration - besides myself.

"The point of this site will be to provide a platform for leftwing discussion, outside of corporate control, without the overbearing moderation of every other online community. The same rules will be enforced.

"I'm hoping we can put the recent drama behind us, and create a new future for the left online.

"Edit: To clarify, this is not a second split - this is what bunkerchan will become. The old board urls will redirect to the new board urls.

"For now, the plan is to go with leftchan.su

"If you'd like to help us development the site, stop on over to https://bunkerchan.xyz/tech/res/6984.html#q6984"

The new domain was announced on January 16, 2021: https://bunkerchan.net/leftypol/res/1294512.html

  • Comatoast's resignation post

Sragga's resignation letter

On the 12th of January 2021, spragga, one of the mods that was purged from bunkerchan, but later was admitted back, published the following resignation letter:

"When I became a mod on bunkerchan, about a month before the initial split, I told them I plan to be a mod that is of the users. I was hard into anti-jannie action and a lot of the anti-janny posts are actually me. They asked me what being a mod of the users means, and I couldn't explain it, but now is the time when I put what I meant into practice. I am going to give you my honest evaluation of the situation. I cannot tell you everything, because I am not privvy to the secret chats and backdoor dealings. I don't use this username anywhere else, so I don't care about the "reputation" of a handle I can throw away any time. This post may be cringey, may be revealing, may be useless, I don't care at this point because everyone has been making proclamations, writing statements and manifestos, I've been keeping my mouth shut this whole time, and now it's my turn.

"I have been on /leftypol/ since 2016. I used to hang out on the #bunkerchan IRC when Space_, pyongyang and others were there, but I quit going there when I was in the minority as a leftist and was sick of arguing with reactionaries. I was banned from 8/leftypol/ by OldBO/hoochie in the Great Purge and I was there when /leftpol/ was started. I was against Space_ (who was known to be the owner of bunkerchan and spacechan) being given BO of /leftpol/; with two chans, why did he need to be BO of /leftpol/? I had a feeling he'd let it die, because he was out to lunch on his other sites. It quickly became obvious /leftpol/ was abandoned on purpose, allowed to be overrun by nazis, nazbols and anti-fems, so that people would go to /leftypol/ and bunkerchan. Seeing the dealings that go behind the scenes now, it was probably coordinated. I was also against the move to bunkerchan, citing concerns with Space_; I had a feeling his cliquey behaviour would result in problems, because they already had caused us problems with /leftpol/. ...And here we are. My only regret is that I didn't screencap all of these "prediction" posts. You'll just have to believe me.

"I was not informed about the split until it was happening. After the split I was made mod of bunkerchan again because I played no part in the split and I just wanted to keep bunkerchan clean from /pol/ spam. I was given a colour, along with the others, to stop us from talking to one another or know who one another are. I am also part of staff on cia.gov because I want to see leftist communities thrive and help if I can. Space_, d011ars, cia.gov staff all knew I was mod on both sites, because I don't hide things. For the record, I played no part in the... there's no nice word for it (sorry) ...vandalism of /leftypol/. I mean, call it faggy or whatever, but I was hurt when I saw bunkerchan nuked. It was a real wake-up call and it left me disillusioned. I was disappointed and sad, and honestly, that's the reason I want to take a break from it all. Say what you want about Space_ and d011ars and whoever, fuck them, but to delete the work of users was unacceptable in my eyes. But, that is my personal assessment, and I know they had their reasons, and that other people may see it differently. Again, I had to write this for my peace of mind.

"Events these past few days have had me wondering what is a community? What is /leftypol/? I don't see anyone trying to answer that question sincerely.

"Old mods think that /leftypol/ is its mod team and developers, the people who run and maintain the site. d011ars thinks that /leftypol/ is the owner of the site and domain, who can ensure continuity of the website. I think both are wrong. Successful communities need to be intentional and made with a purpose. What is the purpose of /leftypol/ and its surrounding sites/boards existing? I tried to ask this question on the board many times, both as a user and as a mod, I always received the answer that /leftypol/ is whatever it is in that moment and that it can be everything at once. I didn't think so then and I still don't think so now.

"This is the reason people are fighting over a domain name and the right to call themselves "the true /leftypol/",  but there is no such thing as a "true /leftypol/" because /leftypol/ does not perform a function through which it can be actualised. It is just a website where people post funny pictures and bits of text. Here and there there will be an "effort post" which is just a term for a long post. Rarely do you see someone sourcing their comment or telling you where you can read more; it's more often than not a gish-galloped wall of text with fancy language... but I digress.

"I cannot count how many times I have screamed as a user to the owners/admins/mods that they have an amazing chance with bunkerchan that they are absolutely ruining. This is the last "normal" leftist space on the internet and IT IS BEING FUCKING RUINED BY PETTY, EGOTISTICAL BULLSHIT. And frankly, I am sick and tired of it. Four years of existence and what is there to show for it? A domain and a bunch of shitposters. At least for the leftypol(dot)org staff it was the friends they made along the way.

"Right now, it seems that people will get a choice between (new) bunkerchan run by d011ars and fooly, and leftypol(dot)org run by the old bunkerchan mod team.

"First off, leftypol(dot)org. They're a group of people who care about running an imageboard well. They have been working day and night on improving vichan/lainchan and adding features, themes, tools. They have an onion and a cytube server where people can create their own channels to watch things together. Honestly, good on them for putting their money (also literally) where their mouth is. However, as a personal decision, I cannot be part of the staff there because some of them did nuke bunkerchan. Idea was floated that some of the staff should step down for their actions to "save the community", but there is no community to save and what is done is done. It is time to move on. I think they should all stay together and continue doing their thing, it has a lot of potential and is evolving.

"Second, new bunkerchan. No idea what it will be. As also part of the "nu-mods" I had no idea who these mods were. d011ars never asked me anything and there didn't seem to be any conversation among the mods. Who knows, maybe I wasn't invited/included. I do believe d011ars' heart is in the right place, but he has the personality of a wet noodle and doesn't seem to know what he's doing. This talk of having a patreon to pay people to run a basic forum is a particularly stupid one. Especially when there are probably a dozen people he could find who'd do it well, for free. He kept quiet and manouvered himself into a position of ownership of bunkerchan through the chaos, I understand why he's distrusting and suspicious. He's afraid of losing his position the same way he gained his. He needs a paid employee, a contractual obligation, which is, let's face it, an unjust hierarchy, to protect his position.

"Third option, which I am going to take, is to take a little break from all this. I have a lot of IRL leftist stuff going on, as you should all, and this is the time to focus on it. Read theory, write propaganda, learn to code and code a better imageboard, whatever. Come back after a few months with a fresh head. Talks of "usertariat", user democracy are all fucking nonsense and everyone here should know better. In a few weeks this will all blow over and things will stabilise, then you can see where you want to post and that will be that. pro tip: you should go wherever there are good posts and not be loyal to a "side"

"d011ars, mods, I hope you don't delete this. You have left watermelon's posts up and many others. I have mod permissions, yet I did not do anything damaging against this site, ever. That should be enough to allow me to speak my mind. Thank you."

  • Announcement of closure of bunkerchan and planning of new site.
  • Bexgia's incel post.
  • New bunkerchan launch

Zul and Comrade Watermelon volunteer to step down to end the split

On the 24th of January the Jannguard posted the following statement on /leftypol/. In this declaration, some of the events are recapped, and they call for d011ars to end the split. In the statement, zul and Comrade Watermelon volunteer to step down in order to mend the split of the community. Previously, d011ars had stated he "would do anything to prevent a split", but the statement alleges that this this offer was discussed privately and d011ars rejected it, thus continuing the split.

"Bunkerchan was the backup site for 8ch's /leftypol/ board. After the shutdown of 8chan, the /leftypol/ team was willing to treat Bunkerchan as their permanent residence. However the owner of Bunkerchan, Space_, was uncooperative in allowing the team to manage things at a level that were affecting the board. Software errors and server blackouts were a common occurrence that the /leftypol/ team were forced to wait for Space_ to fix due to lack of access. Multiple attempts were made over the year to remedy this problem, including offering to pay for upkeep costs and buying the site outright. The team was already working on a backup site due to the outages at Bunkerchan, and eventually moving to this other site came to be seen as the only way to escape the limits imposed by Space_.

"Close to finishing the backup site, someone on the 20+ mod team leaked the information to Space_. Dishonestly, some speculations about forcing a migration came to be seen as already agreed upon plans. Space_ demanded anyone involved in such speculations be removed, and when the rest of the team refused, he purged them all. This is the moment when /leftypol/ was split, not by the mod team, but by Space_ removing the board owner and the rest of the staff(who themselves are also posters) and giving over control of the board to his own agent.

"Now, with the announcement of the shutting down of Bunkerchan, there is an opportunity to reconcile the split. The mod team is in favor of healing the divide. Recent events include the deletion of threads on Bunkerchan by members of the /leftypol/ staff. We want to emphasize this was not an official action, nor was it known in advanced among the mod team. These staff acted on their own accord, outside of official channels.

"The two staff primarily involved in the deletions, Zul and Watermelon, are volunteering to step down from the team in order to end the split. It is to be understood this means Bunkerchan redirects to leftypol.org . This addresses the main complaint issued by the Bunkerchan staff. If some staff at Bunkerchan continue to propose creating a separate site in light of this offer, let the record show they continued and exacerbated the split due to their own egos. /leftypol/ and its staff is willing to do what it takes to stop the split.

"(NOTE: This offer was conveyed to D011ars in private who rejected it.)"

Following that statement, the following statement written by the volunteer, Antinous, was posted regarding the nuking and the events:

Antinous statements

"I won't go into detail about all the things that have happened since space_ discovered we were building a backup board to leverage for Rat to get server access. While the next steps were being discussed, a mod that had not been seen regularly in the past 2 years, Do11ars, started cozying up with space_ in what led to him becoming the sole board owner of bunkerchan (with space_ still being site owner and administrator). After years of asking for Rat to get server access and getting infuriating "next week, I promise" responses each time, Do11ars lobbied to get server access for himself, and he got it days after, citing technical experience which was eventually discovered to be at best a gross exaggeration, and more accurately, just an opportunistic lie. It left an awful taste in my mouth, especially seeing as all the mods decided to stick together and have strength in numbers, but was entirely undermined by do11ars and made irrelevant.

"The mod team basically just wanted to make the site better and fix in timely manner all the little bullshit we had to face as users and mods. As you know, we have competent developers and it was frankly infuriating to be forced to cross our arms and needlessly endure a shitty experience. Waiting for space_ to bring up the server, pinging him endlessly with no response, we had to do something. Getting him to fix cloudflare settings took a DDoS by (allegedly) the Thai government and copious amounts of pressure.

"After we explained the situation to the board at various points, a part of the community understood it as I did and moved to the new site, which was buggy as hell back then and was missing key features. They might not have thought greatly of the mod team or about specific volunteers, but the alternative, that of staying on a site run by someone who keeps people like pyongyang and bkeys as friends (and mods), and that put an opportunistic sycophantic in a dictatorial position was obviously worse.

"The community split. For me, it was simply obvious that they could keep running the site. It takes a lot of experience and a large team to keep it running, and I've learned over the years that even if you grind your teeth and red text real loud, you're not always right. Running a leftist site in a dictatorial manner is simply not acceptable and will result in an impoverished experience for everyone. I lived it first hand, I made a lot of wrong calls that were loudly called out by other mods (and users). I saw oldBO ban the absolute fuck out of everyone. I called out other mods making bad calls or abusing their power. Imperfect as our internal democracy might be, it helps make the site a more balanced experience for everybody, and there was no doubt in my mind that do11ars had no idea of any of this because he hadn't actually been involved for the past 2 years (he was mostly active when the purges were still happening back on 8ch).

"My fears were manifested. Do11ars was indeed incompetent as a leader and as an administrator, and as I had discovered earlier, had no technical skills to make use of the server access. The board quality decreased and while PPH remained high and even increased at points, user count started dropping. After many discussions with users, it became obvious that convenience and PPH was the most important metric for users, and that "mod drama" was irrelevant to them. For me, that is entirely contradictory, since mods are what filter a shit ton of spam, cp, pol shit, keep the board tidy, etc and a bad ban can absolutely ruin someone's experience. Further, what do11ars and space did (explained elsewhere in more detail) was entirely anti-thetical to leftism. Many criticised that a board is not an org, and that we are LARPing too hard. That is entirely wrong. A leftist board has a leftist political line. It is no coincidence that a leftist moderation team organized in a democratic centralist style. Imageboard administration is not designed for leftist values, but we still found a way to bring a semblance of democracy into the moderation. The fact that do11ars had scabbed a large team that represents different leftist viewpoints, and on top of that became the unaccountable dictator of a leftist imageboard is for me nothing short of repugnant and a betrayal of leftists and leftist values by someone who shouldn't call themselves leftists even by mistake.

"Do11ars incompetence extended to maintaining the split, even as he had sworn to do "everything in his power to prevent it" (more lies). This was unacceptable. We've worked extremely hard to recover our userbase after the oldBO purges and the bunkerchan migration. We've spent sleepless nights cleaning CP and sneed shit in /pol/ raids. We've spent countless hours discussing moderation, taking into account our harshest critics. And as a user, I've poured so much energy and passion into shitposting, effortposting and generally having fun on the board. The situation the community was in was the worst it could be. The split had to end.

"In a series of "hallway" discussions, a small team conspired to force a migration and end the split. This eventually culminated in the "nuking" of bunkerchan. I was very hesitant in going through with this, I consulted with other mods that were not part of the small team and their reaction did not indicate strong disagreement. We had little time to do this, the split was still in its early phases. We knew we would face user backlash because of this. Several mods were entirely disgusted by our actions. You can read Spragga's public statements about this in the post he made today as he was quitting his volunteership on bunkerchan.

"To be completely honest, when the time came, I hesitated. I knew the backlash was probably going to end in some kind of retribution against me. Further, I wrote many of the posts that were going to be nuked. I spent hours keeping some of those threads pristine because I was heavily invested in their topics. After zul deleted the few boards do11ars didn't remove him from, it came my turn to delete the rest since I was a global volunteer. It felt like putting down a beloved dog, I simply couldn't do it. That is where comrade watermelon came in. He was officially a mod of bunkerchan that was also displeased with where the site was going and do11ars incompetence. He had the courage to make a start on deleting, and with that push I also did my part in the deletions.

"Some people have said they are tired of mod drama, and that we take this too seriously. Yes, I do take this seriously. I care about this place, a lot. I have nothing but respect for Comrade Watermelon and for the rest of the team that were fearless where I faltered. It is obviously a loss for everyone that posts were lost, but a split is undeniably worse in the long term. I can only say that history will absolve Comrade Watermelon and Zul.

"As for do11ars, history has proven him wrong more times than I can count, and will only continue to do so. His lies, betrayal, sycophantry, opportunism, and incompetence has led him to where he is now. I ask him publicly, here and now, that he stop this ridiculous project of continuing the split on some other website. The split is over. Stop grasping at straws. You will only extend the pain.

"Sorry for making a huge ass post. As I've said before, I deeply care about leftypol. In my ~4-5 years as a mod, I have never made a public statement, and I have never posted using a tripcode or even a namefag. I don't do this for fame, for recognition, or for anything else. I am trying to give back what I have gotten from this community over the years. My only desire is that this community endures enough so that I can shitpost and shame people into reading Hegel even if I haven't read it myself at least a couple of more years. Inshallah, comrades."


Site advancement. etc.

On the 13th of January of 2021, leftypol moderation team made the following statements:

It came to our attention that we have not been doing a good job at expressing the achievements the community has made during the transition to this website. We've been shitposting around the clock, but more importantly, we've been working around the clock to quickly bring the site up to speed and the momentum has put us way ahead in terms of features than we have ever been in the entire history of this community.

It seems the history of our leadership took a humorous and tragic page out of historical materialism. The jannguard had serious issues with the space_tocracy. The development of the means of shitposting was artificially being suppressed by the space_tocracy. After the events of Comrade Watermillian Robespierre, the usertariat was liberated and the development of the means of shitposting has exploded via a series of 5 day plans of the jannguard. Meanwhile on bunkerchan, the decadence of the space_tocracy has left the means of shitposting in dissarray, with the .onion barely working, and a dwindling userbase.

We want to establish a thread to act as propaganda for our achievements and the (lacmk there of) of bunkerchans). And to have, some kind of means, by which to communicate up coming features to the community. And we would like to take the opportunity to capitalize on these achievements, so… Let us examine this further, in the last 23 days, how has the jannguard developed the means of shitposting?

Current Achievements:

  • An actually working hidden service via tor
    • From day two we had a working and secure onion that has only ever experienced any down time in the face of an attack on the infrastructure of the tor network itself.
  • Overboard and Overboard Catalog
    • The overboard catalog had always been a far away dream, but with the freedom we are awarded now, it has not only been made possible, it has also been added to the mobile app by the incredibly based android app anon.
  • Custom themes.
    • leftypol.org has a large variety of themes that were either hand crafted by the team here, or, other than the defaults, chosen and put here for us all to enjoy. There are more on the way! If you haven't tried jungle yet, you're missing out.
  • (You)'s
    • There are people on this site that have never had the pleasure of shitposting with (You)s. Although it was a simple change to add here or to bunkerchan, it is nonetheless an improvement to the site. In a similar manner, we quickly added orange quoting and fixed the red text, and while we had these features on the previous site as well, they didn't come until months after we arrived.
  • tv.leftypol.org
    • Is there more to be said? A cytube instance? Must I remind you it's been 23 days, not 2 years. This is some space age shit.
  • Anchoring
    • A working anchoring feature (for free).
  • Banners
    • We used to have an arbitrary limit of 20 banners. Now we can have as many as we want.
  • 93 git issues and in less than a month 62 of them have been closed.

Anonymous contributions to the analysis of the split.

It is blatantly obvious that a True Leftist™ that took the time to understand the situation, even in the most superficial level, would naturally make the decision to post on leftypol.org and disavow bunkerchan and dollars. The situation was blatantly obvious, but this didn't happen. There were several obvious problems,

1. Infantile egocentrism: There were people who for some reason I still have not understood, were to attached to their inane shitposting on bunkerchan. What strikes me the most is that the posters who usually make longer effort posts (except king lear, eugene, and sabo cat) all basically came here. Why are they attached so much to bantz that get recycled every day? The saltyness of the nuking was ridiculous, and it showed that these posters had either no idea what was going on, or take their inane 2 sentence shitposting waay too seriously.

2. Misinformation: There was an incredible amount of disinformation. Mainly coming from people who accused the mods of being liberals and trannies. The worst posters were purposefully spreading misinformation. As you said, similar to the leftpol split on 8ch. The schizos started running the nuthouse.

3. The scabs: King scab is obviously dollars. I'm talking more about the several posters who have continued to pretend that a split is either: good ("twice the sites = twice the fun"), or needless drama ("this is all mod drama"), or generally being "enlightened centrists" about the whole situation. It is ironic that one of the most notorious scabs in this situation has been sabocat, the poster that uses the wildcat flag. A true disgrace, but I digress. The simple fact of the matter is that if you post or lurk on this site, you are by all measures affected by what has happened. By not taking sides, by using both sites, you are legitimizing dollar's bunkerchan, which at this point should be understood as nothing less than an enemy of the community.

The path forward is to come together in this long march, reunite here as the legitimate continuation of the leftypol community, collectively disavow bunkerchan and dollars, commit to increase engagement and posting efforts (both serious and fun posting), and look towards the future of the leftist imageboard community. The path for growth is not without its loses and tragedies. We've been through devastating blows, through autocratic tyranny, through splits, through site closures, through coups. Dollars will not be the end of us. We will see this through.

At the end of the day, 99% of posters don't care about this battle of who nuked who or whatever. they care about which site runs properly and lets them post. Watermelon's nuking targeted those people by showing not only that what he did could be done, not only that d0llars was incompetent enough to give him global admin powers without oversight, not only that space_ was so inattentive that the last backup was from before the split even happened, not only that d0llars is so retarded he couldn't get the backup reinstated properly so the board only half-worked from that point on, and not even fucking only that there were increasingly less people willing to do the work that needed done on bunkerchan urgently, but that most of all there is an entire contingent of posters on bunkerchan who are so ideologically driven by their hatred of moderation that they will literally pay some grifter money to have an oppositional force against people that have basically done nothing but make their own site better because they want the best community experience. The new leftypol.org site was made literally from scratch and in a single month it has surpassed bunkerchan, which is a 5 year old piece of software, on almost every level.