Internal Conflict in Bunkerchan

The flags of GETchan and Ponyville waving in the breeze.

Date Main phase:

30 August, 2015 – 25 July, 2018
Low-intensity conflict:
26 July, 2018 – 1 January, 2021

Location Ponyville and GETchan
Result Insurgency defeated
  • RFP retreats to GETchan in 2016, later being rehabilitated there
  • Steam Twist goes into hiding on 4chan's /mlp/ in 2018
  • RFP demobilises in 2021 amidst the Internal conflict on Bunkerchan
  • Moony consolidates power on Ponyville
  • GETchan-Ponyville Split takes place

Anti-Insurgent Faction
Ponyvilleflag.png Ponyville
Getchanflag.svg GETchan (until 2018)

Left-wing Insurgents
Rfpflag.png Revolutionary Front of Ponyville

Right-wing Insurgents (2017-2018)
Steamtwistflag.jpg Steam Twist Bloc

Commanders and leaders

Ponyvilleflag.png Moony
Getchanflag.svg Comrade King (until 2018)

Rfpflag.png No central leadership

  • Getchanflag.svg Comrade King (from 2019)

Steamtwistflag.jpg Steam Twist
Steamtwistflag.jpg Pipes



  • ~50-100 users (2015-2021)


  • ~30-50 users (2015-2018)


  • ~10-20 insurgents (at peak)


  • ~60-120 users (2019-2021)
  • 3-5 main insurgents (Steam Twist, Pipes, Pirate Flag Anon, potentially others)
Casualties and losses
  • GETchan-Ponyville Split occurs
  • All insurgents demobilized
  • Steam Twist and sympathizers left chanless
  • Dignity

The Ponyville Insurgency refers to a multi-sided conflict initially between a Ponyville-GETchan coalition and insurgent forces of the Revolutionary Front of Ponyville (RFP). The conflict grew in 2017 to encompass a third group consisting of a disorganised bloc of mainly reactionary trolls, most notably Steam Twist. As the insurgency progressed and the Troll Bloc was defeated, sympathy for the RFP on GETchan began to grow amidst leaks regarding Ponyville administrator Moony's actions behind the scenes until the group was fully rehabilitated in 2019. While the RFP would eventually disband in 2021, the insurgency set the stage for the GETchan-Ponyville Split and a shift in public opinion on both chans of the other.

Formation of the RFP

With the launch of Ponyville in August of 2015, several users saw this as an opportunity to push the new chan onto a revolutionary line. Using GETchan as their base of operations, they formed the Revolutionary Front of Ponyville in hopes of getting support from the users of GETchan. On the contrary, the RFP was met with much hostility for its attempts at subverting what was nominally seen as a friendly chan. As time went on, the members of the RFP saw Moony, who had emerged as the undisputed administrator of the new chan, as having usurped power and they began to label him as a dictator.

Not long after, the RFP added "People's Army" to their name and began planning raids to try and force the staff of Ponyville to submit to their wishes. These discussions were promptly shut down by GETchan's staff, but the users were not banned due to GETchan's "no ban" policy in place at the time. The RFP managed to organize enough to put together a flag, an emblem, and an anthem, but any discussion of overthrowing the staff of Ponyville was quickly deleted. From time to time, the RFP would attempt to recruit more members from GETchan or Ponyville, but these threads were usually not taken too kindly. In the end, through the efforts of GETchan's staff and Moony's popularity on Ponyville, the insurgent group eventually went underground. By 2016 the RFP had seemingly become defunct, though it in fact continued to operate in secret on a smaller scale with sporadic campaigns onto Ponyville's main board.

Steam Twist Bloc

By 2017 a new threat had made itself apparent in the form of a block of reactionary trolls, most notably a user by the name of Steam Twist. By stirring up trouble, he had managed to get himself banned on Ponychan, efchan, and Ponyville before making his way to GETchan and attempting to do the same there. At this point the "no ban" policy only remained in place on /GET/, so upon being banned from the more gentle board, /luna/, he made the mistake of going there instead. On /GET/ a multitude of memes were made about him, his tripcode was leaked, every name became Steam Twist, his images were replaced, his posts were edited, and he was just generally mocked. With this, Steam Twist retreated from GETchan and /GET/ became the only board that managed to resist him. To this day, Steam Twist still remains in hiding and a the idea for a medal called the "Medal in Celebration of the Defeat of Steam Twist" was floated by the staff of GETchan.

Low-Intensity Conflict and End

Following the defeat of the Steam Twist Bloc, the activity of the RFP greatly diminished before receiving a boost in 2019 again after users formerly close to Moony came forward with leaks about some of his questionable beliefs and choices, in addition to claiming that he is in fact a very manipulative person in private, completely opposite of his public persona of kindness. In addition, the RFP accused him of "selective memory", going from mocking the group as "one or two trolls" one day and then claiming to have never heard of them the next. This, in addition to his upholding of Orange Blaze as "the best" of admins, despite being the admin that kicked the GET Threads off of Ponychan, began to erode the image of Moony in the eyes of GETchan's userbase. In 2019, the image of the RFP was rehabilitated on GETchan and a selectable flag was added for the RFP on /GET/, with elements of the group resuming activity on the board. Comrade King has described his initial opposition to the RFP as "one of [his] biggest regrets in [his] time running GETchan".

Following events on GETchan that led to the resignation of the co-founder and administrator of the chan, Comrade King, users sympathetic to his administration began to band together, forming the GETchan Liberation Front mere weeks after his departure. Witnessing what they described as "bureaucratic mismanagement", "despotic overstepping of boundaries", and "humiliation at the hands of tyrants", they began to prepare what they would come to call the "Liberation of GETchan". Remnants of the RFP also took this opportunity to voice their support for the movement, seeing the struggle as "one and the same". As the Liberation of GETchan was completed on 26 December 2020, the GLF and RFP released a joint statement announcing the formal demobilization of both groups, stating "the GLF has served its purpose and the cause of the RFP seems to be wholly out-of-reach". The two groups officially ceased to exist on January 1 2021, and with them so did any remaining opposition to Moony's administration.

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