Anthem: "Yami Yugi's Entrance Theme"
Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 0 - Yami Yugi's Entrance Theme
Ponygetflag Ponygetemblem
Flag Emblem
PonyGET's homepage

Slogan: "It's Game Time!"

Preceded By GET Threads
Launch Date 4 June, 2011
Reason For Creation GET Threads website
Official Language English
Currency GET Dollar
Affiliations GETchan
PonyGET is a subdivision of the United Chans. It was initially created as a website for the GET Threads. It still exists as a historical reminder of times past.


PonyGET was created on 4 June, 2011 to host information on GETs as well as keep track of former or current GET events to take place in the GET Threads. The site was originally created by two users named Lunar Topaz and Circuitfry, but it was soon also managed by King of GETs and Steven Magnet. Upon the discontinuation of the GET Threads, PonyGET was incorporated into GETchan. During this time, PonyGET saw use as an area for testing scripts and other codes before adding them to GETchan. Some of these codes can still be found on PonyGET today. After gaining independence from Stevenchan, PonyGET continued along GETchan's side and was incorporated into the new chan. The flags of the GET Threads, Tymoon GETchan, and Soviet GETchan can all be seen on PonyGET's flag and emblem. After the creation of the United Chans, there was debate as to whether PonyGET would remain part of GETchan or become a subdivision of the United Chans. With a heavy heart, GETchan let the site go and PonyGET became the first official division of the United Chans. While it is not currently in operation, it still stands for all to see. The site is still deemed useful, because it can still provide others with information about GETs. It also contains an important archive with information on the two GET events that took place in the GET threads. Another feature of PonyGET is the GET Chat, but this has been long abandoned.

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