Flag of the Lunachan Pact

The Lunachan Pact (9 August, 2012 – 7 March, 2013) was a three-chan socialist alliance between GETchan, MLPchan, and Lunachan, that was formed alongside the United Chans. It was dissolved when MLPchan left the pact.


Plans for an interchan alliance began during the planning of the United Chans. Originally the Lunachan pact was to be part of the United Chans, but it was later separated to allow the United Chans to focus on a wider range of chans. The alliance entailed the preservation of communist ideals, a promise of protection, and the use of ambassadors to represent the chans. Its name is derived from the fact that all discussion of the pact was conducted on Lunachan's /chat/ board. During its existence, the Lunachan Pact was used by GETchan during the GETchan-efchan conflict. MLPchan proceeded to join the conflict on GETchan's side, though Lunachan remained neutral. Representatives from all three chans announced regular updates on the state of affairs on their home chans. On 7 March, 2013, MLPchan left the pact, thereby dissolving it.

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