Anthem: "Katyusha"
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Slogan: ">he does it for free"

Preceded By /ref/
Launch Date 8 May, 2014
Reason For Creation /ref/ bunker
Most Active Board /fun/
Official Language English, Russian
Demonym Funchanner, Funposter
Currency /ref/ese Roublel
Affiliations /ref/

Funchan (Full name: Funposting Soviet Socialist Channel) was a general-themed,discussion-oriented imageboard. It was the tenth member of the United Chans from 17 May, 2014 until it shut down on 21 May, 2015.


On Funchan, there are only two rules, one being no illegal material, and the other being that all posts must be fun. There have only been a few posters to violate this rule, but Funchanners do not like to remind themselves of such individuals. Funchan's administrator, Comrade Lenin, is a /ref/ugee and occasional GETchan lurker. Funchan was created at the height of the April /sp/ Uprising to facilitate the thriving funposting communities on /ref/, GETchan, and the outlaws on 4chan's /sp/ and to provide a separate chan for the outlaws, who had been using /ref/ as a base of operations at that point.


Funposting is simply exactly what it sounds like: posts that are for the purpose of fun! Such posts may be power rankings, eventb owls, chaseb owls, "slippery wet dog poop, "lel" and its variants, feels, and any other thing that could be fun! Fun is interpreted liberally by funposters, so anything that's not seen as acively unfun is loved by the funposting community.

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