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Preceded By Ponychan
Launch Date 8 April 2012
Reason For Creation Home for Exiled r/ef/ugees
Most Active Board /ef/
Official Language English
Demonym r/ef/ugee, massiv/ef/aggot, /ef/feminate, efchanner
Ruling on NSFW Material No images of porn or gore (incl. r34)
Unique Posters ≈100
Regular Posters ≈60
Average Traffic ≈800 posts/day (at height)

efchan (Full name: Everfree Forest Channel) was a general-themed, community-oriented imageboard. It became the eighth member of the United Chans on 5 May, 2014, having previously refused when offered to become a founding member. It shut down on 12 September, 2017.


On 12 January 2012, Ponychan created the board /ef/, a lax-rules board with light moderation as an "experiment". It quickly grew its own following and personality, and when the Ponychan staff deleted the board in March (replacing it with an image of a cake), the decision was widely complained about and the regular posters, or r/ef/ugees, spilled over the rest of Ponychan, and GETchan.

One of the regular posters, Black Butterfly!Alyssa/pM2 tried to convince the Ponychan staff to change their mind, and failing to do so, decided on 16 March 2012 to simply make a new chan to home the displaced r/ef/ugees—efchan.

It officially launched 8 April 2012, although users had guessed the URL a few days before the admin planned to announce it, posting on the development site before it could be moved to its final home.


On 16 July, 2017, the shutdown of efchan was announced for 12 September due to a lack of activity. This directly resulted in the recreation of /ef/ on Ponychan, where many of the users moved. Right on schedule, efchan shut down on 12 September, 2017, with the hosting being allowed to run out and the site being left as a 502 error. Still, efchan lives on through the recreated /ef/ on Ponychan.

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