Communist Party of GETchan

Anthem: The Internationale

Slogan: Workers of the World, Unite!

CommunistPartyGetchanflag.svg Flag of the CPG

Active 2012 – Present
Abbreviation CPG
General Secretary Comrade King
Youth Wing GETchan Young Pioneers
Ideology Communism
Political position Far-left

The Communist Party of GETchan (CPG), known from 2015 to 2018 as the United Communist Party of GETchan (UCPG) is the ruling party of GETchan, having been such since the early days of GETchan 2.0.


Founded by Comrade King in 2012, it soon swept the first elections on GETchan, which resulted in the solidification of GETchan's position as a communist chan. It has remained in power since, winning every election in a landslide each time. With the merger of Lunachan and /ref/ into GETchan, the Lunarian People's Party and the Refugee People's Revolutionary Party were absorbed into the CPG and the word "United" was added to the beginning of the Party's name. With the closure of /luna/ in 2018, the name was reverted back to the original one.


The CPG additionally has several factions called caucuses that make up part of the Party. In addition to the majority faction, the following caucuses are also part of the Party:

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