Example of a Russian chanball image

Chanball comics are short user-made comics depicting chans as spheres containing designs of their respective flags. Originating on Russian chans, the comics are based on Polandball comics, which use countries instead of chans.


The idea of applying the concept of Polandball images to chans originated in the Russian chanverse. These comics often portrayed Dvach, Hikkach, Nulchan, iichan, Dobrochan, and 410chan, though sometimes they also portrayed foreign boards like 2chan, 4chan, and Krautchan. Sometimes Ukrainian chans were added into the mix to represent the rivalry between Russian and Ukrainian chans.

Many Russian chanballs were given defining traits, such as Nulchan with its dignature hat and monocle, iichan with its giant hammer, or Dobrochan with its fox ears and tail. Because these chans did not have flags, their logos were used to represent them. Because of this, their designs were relatively simple. The image to the right depicts, from left to right, 02ch, Samechan, Sibirchan, Ukrachan (Ukrainian), 410chan, Dobrochan, iichan, Nulchan, Hikkach, 2chan (Japanese), and 4chan (English). These chans are Russian unless otherwise stated.

Within the United Chans

Chanball comics and images depicting some of the United Chans members do exist. When these images were made and how many of them exist are unknown, but the United Chans has a collection of these images, which you can find below.

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